Tunnel Loop Fibc Bag

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Standard Fibc Bag


Wide range Standard Fibc Bag that are in wide demand for packaging in industries.

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Dayanand FIBC is A reputable manufacturer of bulk bag, Conducting business as Industrial Bulk Bag Suppliers.

Our flexible Immediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), also referred to as bulk bags, are composed of flexible woven polypropylene and offer a cost-effective and effective way to package, store, and handle a variety of products.

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We feel responsibility for the wellbeing of our local manufacturing workforce and work to build lasting relationships with our customers, manufacturing partners, and employees. We take pride in being one of the few FIBC manufacturers to receive quality certificates that are in line with contemporary corporate social responsibility. Upannel bags. FIBC. cylindrical packs. Top FIBC exporter and manufacturer from India Flex FIBC, FIBC India, and JUMBO BAG. Large bags.Large bags.


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Dayanand FIBC

Construct your Bag

Constructing a bag involves selecting the appropriate materials and designing a suitable pattern for the bag.
The bag would a simple, minimalist that is versatile enough to be used for various purposes.

Export Country

Dayanand FIBC Morbi based company . We are into international market making a business since with innovative product and best quality and committed delivery schedule.

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